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Joe Manchin Brutally Slams Biden Again – Says His Frustration Is At All-Time High From Lack Of Action

Every day Americans have been forced to suffer under the “leadership” of Joe Biden. Biden’s policies have done the exact opposite of what he claimed to do, “build back better.”

We’d run out of space listing the many ways he’s hurt America. But we are not the only ones outraged.

Moderate Democrat Sen. Joe Manchin has been no fan of this administration. And he is once again blasting Joe Biden’s failures.

From Daily Wire:

Moderate Democratic West Virginia Senator Joe Manchin blasted the Biden administration and Interior Secretary Deb Haaland for doing little, if anything, to help alleviate the ongoing energy crisis…

Manchin hammered the Biden administration for failing to increase domestic oil, natural gas, and critical minerals production. He also took the Interior Department to task for canceling several large oil leases, and imposing a set of restrictions and costs on new oil and gas leases that would disincentivize new oil and gas development altogether.

Sen. Joe Manchin harshly criticized Biden and his Energy Secretary Haaland for doing nothing during the energy crisis. No, scratch that, they did not do nothing.

They went out of their way to make this crisis worse, by restricting access to land for drilling. On top of that, Biden has increased regulations and fines for producing energy.

That has reduced the amount of gas we have and dramatically increased the price.

Biden has constantly blamed Putin for the gas crisis. But it is his own policies that are making this a real issue.

Manchin claimed America has “abundant energy” and resources. Then, he bemoaned terrible policies by Biden and Haaland that are crippling our energy industry.

The senator blasted Biden for only releasing a small portion of available land for drilling. And he is making it available at a higher royalty rate, making it even more costly to drill.

And Biden is only doing this, due to a court order. Chances are, when he gets the chance, he will cancel these leases altogether.

Do you see how the gas crises have very little to do with Putin? Biden and his radical, socialist Energy Department is holding America’s resources hostage.

There is no reason for doing this, except to placate radical environmentalists and China.

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