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Democrat Socialist Candidate Just Crossed The Line – She Calls On A Million People To Break Into “Empty Homes”

We know socialism is spreading through the Democratic Party like a cancer. Only a few moderates (like Joe Manchin) are fighting it off. But it seems like the cancer is going to win.

Along the West Coast, socialism essentially dominates the party’s policies. That’s why homelessness is out of control and rioting never ends in places like Oregon.

But now, one of their most far-left candidates is going further with their Marxist agenda.

From Fox News:

Washington Democratic congressional candidate Rebecca Parson has a bold idea to get Congress to pass housing legislation: have a million people break into empty houses.

Parson, a member of the Democratic Socialists of America, is running to represent Washington’s 6th Congressional District. In a video ad, she outlined what she and her followers can do if she wins.

“Imagine I proposed a Housing for All Bill in Congress, Then imagine you, me, and a million of our friends took action and occupied empty houses nationwide. They couldn’t ignore us,” Parson says in the ad.

You really have to wonder what they’re putting in Seattle’s water. A Washington “Democratic socialist” running for Congress is encouraging people to break into empty houses.

Her “idea” is that by illegally entering other people’s homes and essentially living in them, Congress would have no choice but to pass new housing laws.

She believes that the government “couldn’t ignore us” if millions of people do this.

So, this genius thinks that she can change the laws, by breaking the current laws on the books? Is she taking crazy pills?

We can all see through her agenda. If people are willing to break into homes and occupy them, in violation of the law—why would they obey the laws if they were changed?

If this socialist can convince Congress to pass laws making housing more affordable, why would these squatters move?

They are already living in someone else’s house. Why move out for lower-quality homes provided by the government?

This same Marxist is going beyond the current leftist fight for a $15/hour minimum wage. She is demanding $30 an hour, claiming that is required as the “bare minimum” to live.

Yet if she is elected to Congress, she’ll be earning much more than that. But will she donate part of her salary to help even one family?

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