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Trump Just Scored Multiple Election Victories – But The Media Can’t Stop Talking About Donald’s Primary Loss For GA Governor

More primary elections were held across the country. Democrats, knowing they will face major losses in November, opted to focus on the biggest story—Trump’s ongoing influence.

We know Trump’s record for endorsements is incredible. But the media was quick to jump on one “loss” coming out of Georgia.

From Fox News:

Georgia Gov. Brian Kemp Tuesday beat former Sen. David Perdue in a GOP gubernatorial primary, striking the most significant blow yet to a candidate endorsed by former President Donald Trump.

But while voters rejected Trump’s pick for GA governor, many more Trump-backed candidates won big this week.

From Just the News:

The Tuesday primaries in four states went well for favored GOP candidates, including two big wins for Trump-backed candidates in Georgia…

In Georgia, Herschel Walker blew away the field of challengers in the GOP Senate primary and will now face incumbent Democrat Sen. Raphael Warnock…

In Arkansas, Sarah Huckabee Sanders won the GOP primary for governor, an office once held by father Mike Huckabee…

Texas Land Commissioner George P. Bush lost his primary bid to unseat Trump-backed Attorney General Ken Paxton, likely marking the end of the Bush family’s four-generation political dynasty.

The media is hyping up David Perdue’s loss to incumbent Brian Kemp. They seem to think this means Trump’s influence over the GOP is waning.

Not even close. All this means is that Republican voters preferred the sitting governor over a newcomer, suspecting Kemp would have a better time beating socialist Democrat Stacey Abrams.

But the bigger news is the tremendous success Trump-back candidates had all across the country, including in Georgia.

NFL legend-turned candidate Herschel Walker “blew away” his challengers to earn the GOP nomination for senator. He will take on radical Democrat Raphael Warnock.

His chances are good, not in small part to his association and friendship with Donald Trump.

Marjorie Taylor Greene, who faced intense opposition from the left, won her primary race—another Trump ally.

Former Trump administration staffer Sarah Huckabee Sanders won the nomination for Arkansas governor—a big win for the state and the GOP.

In Texas, Trump-backed candidates won across the board. Ken Paxton fought off advances from the Bush family, to secure the race for attorney general.

Those are just the highlights of a big night for the 45th president. If anyone thinks his endorsement doesn’t go a long way—they are dreaming.

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