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Biden Signs Concerning Police Executive Order – Republican Tim Scott Accuses Joe Of Using Some Of His Filibustered Reforms

In light of the recent tragedies, Democrats have been trying to rush out anything to make it look like they are in charge. Schumer had to scrap a gun control voting, refusing to cooperate with Senate Republicans.

But Joe Biden was quick to sign an executive order against police departments. Not sure what this will do against mass shooters, though.

From CBS News:

President Biden signed an executive order aimed at reforming federal police practices and establishing a national database of police misconduct on Wednesday, two years to the day since George Floyd was murdered at the hands of police officers in Minneapolis.

But, oddly enough, some of the ideas in the order looks familiar. And Republican Sen. Tim Scott cries foul.

From Fox News:

“After the radical ‘defund the police’ movement helped create the current crime wave, President Biden is pursuing a partisan approach to many of the exact same policy solutions I proposed in the JUSTICE Act just two year[s] ago,” Scott said in a statement after Biden issued the order Wednesday.

“The fact is Democrats used a filibuster they call racist to block my reforms that they’re now embracing,” the senator added.

Sen. Scott blasted Joe Biden after he signed an executive order against police officers. The Republican revealed parts of the order are the “exact same policy solutions” he put forward in his bill two years ago.

A bill, you might remember, Democrats blocked from reaching a final vote… using the very same filibuster they are today trying to destroy.

Scott called out the apparent hypocrisy of the Biden administration. He accused Joe of “pursuing a partisan approach,” after Democrats refused to cooperate last year—after the death of George Floyd.

We all know why they did that. They did not want to give Republicans a major win, during an election year.

Even now, Schumer and Democrats refuse to come up with a bipartisan solution to gun violence, working with Republicans.

Instead, Biden rushes out this order to make it look like Democrats are actually doing something, on the eve of the midterms.

But Americans aren’t fooled. If Biden thinks this partisan order is going to win over voters, he is mistaken.

Americans still suffer thanks to his “green,” economic, and open border policies.


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