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Obama And Biden Sent Spinning By New Trump Evidence – Docs Show They Conducted Shadow Diplomacy With Iran

We know one of Biden’s failures is on foreign policy. This poor excuse of a leader has failed in Afghanistan and Ukraine. With the worst, perhaps, to come.

But now, we are learning his meddling in world affairs has been going on for a long time. He and his old buddy, Obama, were trying to cause problems, even as Trump was securing peace agreements.

And we found the evidence to prove it.

From The Washington Free Beacon:

As the Trump administration worked to increase economic pressure on Iran in 2018, a delegation of “U.S. former ambassadors held a secret, “off-the-record” meeting with former Iranian foreign minister Javad Zarif at his residence in New York City, according to a State Department memo unearthed this week…

The document is the firmest proof to date that Obama-era officials were engaged in back-channel efforts to keep negotiations with Iran alive, even as former president Donald Trump and his administration worked to isolate the regime, former secretary of state Mike Pompeo told the Free Beacon in exclusive remarks.

This is pretty damning. We knew for a long time that John Kerry was working against the Trump administration. He was allegedly secretly working with Iranians to keep the Iran Nuclear Deal alive.

Now we are learning that other high-ranking former Obama officials were meeting with an Iranian diplomat to undermine Trump’s agenda.

This means, that as Trump was trying to prevent Iran from acquiring nukes and pressuring them to change—Obama and Biden officials were giving Iran the green light.

This is especially troubling when you realize these officials were no longer in office. They had no real power in government.

Yet they took it upon themselves to meet with officials from a hostile nation and negotiate with them, in defiance of the sitting president.

What can you call that, other than treason?

You have to wonder how these officials thought they were going to enforce any agreements they made with Iran. But the fact that they were doing this, means Iran was not taking Trump’s agenda seriously.

The dangerous foreign nation was playing our country for chumps. Imagine how they were laughing at us, because of these Obama traitors.

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