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After Giants Coach Vows To Boycott National Anthem – Legendary Baseball Manager La Russa Says, “I’ll Never Not Stand Up”

Following the tragedy in Uvalde, Texas, the protesting once again erupted across the country. Democrats quickly blamed the incident on lack of gun control, and seek to clamp down harder on the Second Amendment.

At the same time, most Republicans say the answer doesn’t involve taking away our personal freedoms. It has become yet another 2A battle and unfortunately, highly politicized.

But One Legendary Manager Doesn’t Believe We Should Be Boycotting The National Anthem.

Recently, we learned that San Francisco Giants skipper Gabe Kapler intended to stage a protest by not standing for the National Anthem at the start of games. It’s designed to be a statement against gun violence.

However, long-time manager and World Series winner Tony La Russa doesn’t agree with his colleague’s decision.

While La Russa does agree that gun violence is a serious problem in the country, he doesn’t believe that standing against the country’s National Anthem is the proper thing to do. And he likely isn’t alone.

The current Chicago White Sox manager made his position plain: He Will Never “Not Stand Up.”

As ESPN’s Jesse Rogers tweeted:

La Russa doesn’t think you boycott the flag and anthem in response to this tragic event.

Instead, he believes “you should go directly to what the cause that really bothers you about the direction of the country is.” In other words, refusing to stand for the National Anthem isn’t sending the right message.

La Russa added:

I would never not stand up for the anthem or the flag. Maybe just because I’m older, and I’ve been around veterans more than the average person.

Some of their courage comes from what the flag means to them and when they hear the anthem. You need to understand what the veterans think when they hear the anthem or see the flag. And the cost they paid and their families.

And if you truly understand that, I think it’s impossible not to salute the flag and listen to the anthem.

Kapler revealed he won’t stand for the Anthem until he “feels better” about the direction of the nation. He also claimed the U.S. is the “only country” where mass shootings take place, prompting quick backlash from fact-checkers.

La Russa probably isn’t the only manager in the MLB to disagree with Kapler’s decision, but we’ll probably see plenty of division in terms of Anthem boycotts.

Most Conservatives will probably agree with La Russa’s stance here: if you want to fix things, standing against your country’s Anthem typically isn’t going to accomplish much. And to many, it’s highly insulting.

La Russa is right to assume most veterans will still stand for the National Anthem, and that’s apparently a big reason why he’ll stand as well.

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