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Biden Makes Eye Opening Gaffe On Live TV – Joe “Accidentally” Says In America “Democracy Has Never Been Good”

We’ve grown accustomed to Biden saying the most ludicrous things by this point. It’s come to the point where most Democrats have tuned it out.

Mostly to avoid admitting that they voted for this moron.

But every now and then, Biden says something truly shocking. Something that could be more than a blunder, but rather a true depiction of his demeanor. It was one of those occasions.

From The Western Journal:

The slip of the tongue happened during remarks he delivered at Arlington National Cemetery to commemorate Memorial Day…

“Ladies and gentlemen, today we remember and we reaffirm: Freedom is worth the sacrifice. Democracy is not perfect; it’s never been good — perfect.  But it’s worth fighting for; if necessary, worth dying for,” Biden said.

What a knucklehead. Biden said our democracy was “never good” on Memorial Day at Arlington National Cemetery, where warriors are buried.

“Never perfect,” I’m sure his script said, a backhanded remark Democrats like to make to excuse radical progressive measures.

Instead, he responded “excellent,” a remark that could be interpreted as implying Biden has little regard for our political system.

We know he voted for two legislation that would have suffocated our democracy. Those laws would have tainted our elections by legalizing voter fraud.

Senator Joe Manchin, who refused to cease the filibuster, was the only thing that stopped him.

Is Biden now claiming that our democracy has “never been good”? Was this a blunder or his actual feelings?

It’s difficult to say. Biden previously stated that he would bring Republicans and Democrats together. He, on the other hand, never did it.

His definition of “unity” appears to be expecting everyone to agree with him. Perhaps his concept of “democracy” is similar.

Whatever the situation may be, the American people must demand answers. What is Biden’s true opinion on our democracy?

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