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Durham’s Clinton Lawyer Case Verdict Just Landed – A D.C. Jury Just Handed Michael Sussman An Acquittal


A former Hillary Clinton lawyer was prosecuted as a result of John Durham’s Russiagate investigation. When he told the FBI he wasn’t working for a client, Durham accused Michael Sussman of lying to them.

Several bombshells were revealed during the trial, which lasted several weeks. Sussman’s fate was decided by the jury today.

From The Hill:

Michael Sussman, a lawyer who represented Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign and the Democratic Party, was acquitted by a federal jury on Tuesday of a single count of lying to the FBI, The Associated Press reported…

Prosecutors accused Sussman of lying when he told Baker that he was not attending the meeting on behalf of any of his clients, which at the time included Clinton’s campaign and a cybersecurity researcher named Rodney Joffe, who had assembled the Alfa Bank data.

Sussman, a guy involved in Hillary’s attempt to frame Trump, was found not guilty of lying to the FBI by a federal jury.

Durham’s ongoing probe has been dubbed a “huge win” and a “setback” by the left. But it was apparent from the start that this trial would not bring the true perpetrators of the scandal to justice.

Sussman was accused of committing a process offense. Even if he had been found guilty, he would have received no more than a slap on the wrist.

Even before the trial began, the Clinton-appointed judge refused to allow a slew of evidence to be presented, demonstrating that the fix had been in place from the beginning.

But it was evident that this had nothing to do with Sussman’s FBI deception. This was about forcing him and other members of Clinton’s team to speak under oath on the stand.

Durham was the one who persuaded them to do it. His most significant accomplishment was persuading Robby Mook, Clinton’s 2016 campaign manager, to admit that Hillary was the one who chose to release fake information on Trump to the press.

Although Mook and other DNC officials were skeptical about the data, it was Clinton herself who insisted on it. This supports Trump’s assertion that Clinton and her allies were attempting to rig the election by circulating misleading information.

Sussman was simply a small part of a larger effort to inform the American public about the facts. Durham, I’m sure, is far from finished with that.

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