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Concerning Civil War Poll Comes Out – America Headed Toward 2nd Schism According To Majority Of Republicans

It’s no secret that Americans feel more divided than ever before. While in day-to-day life we don’t see it, the moment politics comes up—it’s every man for himself.

Joe Biden promised “unity,” but appears to be the most divisive figure, attacking conservatives left and right. And now, a new poll reveals just how deeply divided our country is.

From Daily Mail:

A new poll shows 44 percent of Americans believe the nation is headed toward another civil war – with a majority of Republicans believing it will happen.

The data comes in a new poll by the Southern Poverty Law Center, which also found support for the ‘Great Replacement Theory’ referenced by the shooter who opened fire in a Buffalo supermarket last month.

A total of 44 percent agree with the statement that the nation ‘seems headed toward a civil war in the near future,’ according to the poll. That includes 53 per cent of Republicans and 39 per cent of Democrats.

A new poll by the far-left Southern Poverty Law Center claims that 53% of Republicans believe we are headed toward a second Civil War. A smaller number of Democrats, 39%, think the same way.

The same poll also claimed that “one in five” people “somewhat approved” of “assassinating a politician whom they believed was ‘harming the country or our democracy.’”

While these statistics appear alarming, we need to keep in mind the source. SPLC is hardly the most trusted body in the country.

They have become woke to the point of extremism. And it’s not outside the realm of possibility that they oversampled this poll to get the results they wanted.

Specifically, to paint Republicans are dangerous “insurrectionists” who want to go to war over politics.

But the fact remains, politics have become a painfully divisive issue over the years. The mainstream media has exploited issues to drive up ratings.

Social media only made that worse. It has left Americans believing there is no room for compromise, no way red and blue can get along.

The solution? To remember that politics aren’t what makes America great. And to find common ground, even with the most radical leftists.

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