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10-Year-Old Girl Becomes Police Hero Overnight – She Spends Her Birthday Helping Local K9 Unit By Raising $3K

With law and order seemingly always on the hot seat, it’s nice to see someone who wholeheartedly supports our local heroes — especially when that someone is a well-raised child.

Kaley Bastine just celebrated her 10th birthday in New Kensington, Pennsylvania. And while most kids might not think about police officers on such a day, that was actually first on Kaley’s mind.

As A Result, Her Heartwarming Gesture Is Making Headlines Across The Country.

It seems little Kaley is a philanthropist and patriot at heart, as she’s already conducted multiple fundraisers. And she likes doing them so much that she opted to do another one for her birthday, as she told TribLive.

Unsurprisingly, this little girl loves dogs, so it made perfect sense to support the local police unit’s “furriest” division.

That’s why she held a fundraiser that would directly benefit one of the department’s K9 units, which is something many people in the community got behind. Now, the pictures are rapidly making the rounds.

Mother Jamie Bastine wrote alongside the post:

Kaley would like to thank everyone who showed up today for her celebration of k9 max, even though it was her bday it was all about the community!

She raised a total of $3,762! Thank you for all your support for my daughter!

Kaley didn’t hold back on this one: the event drew tons of people, as they were attracted by live music, raffles, and multiple food trucks. They clearly had a beautiful day for it as well.

All that money the little girl raised goes towards a Belgian Malinois named Max and the pup’s handler, Officer Jerry Hobeck. Hobeck was understandably impressed and flattered by Kaley’s efforts.

In a statement, the officer said:

I can’t express my gratitude for Kaley running a fundraiser for us. The fundraisers help us for equipment, and it helps pay for our training.

We go to a special training group four hours every week.

Hundreds of responses on social media also proved just how appreciative people are; they really love seeing children standing tall for their local heroes.

Most people congratulated Kaley for holding such a successful fundraiser, and so many were impressed at just how ambitious she’s been. All told, she’s raised over $41,000 for various local causes.

Amid endless battles with far-left radicals, transgender bathrooms, and drag shows in elementary schools, most parents will be happy to see normalcy and goodness in the news (for once).

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