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Obama Crony Makes Eye-Opening Admission – He Says Liberal Media Has Been Outnumbered “Out-Gunned” By Conservatives

Democrats are staring down a very bleak midterm election cycle. Polls point to Republicans flipping the House and perhaps the Senate.

And that’s not getting into state and local races. We all know why Democrats are poised to lose—they have run the country into the ground.

But if you listen to a former Obama crony, it’s because conservative media has “out-gunned” the liberal establishment.

From Fox News:

A new book excerpt from former Obama White House communications director Dan Pfeiffer claimed Monday that Democrats’ problems with messaging stem from the fact that they are “out-gunned” because “conservative media dwarfs the progressive media in size and scope.” […]

Pfeiffer claimed, “Republicans and their billionaire supporters invest so much time and energy in building a disinformation apparatus that can overcome the opinions of the majority of Americans,” and “They have perfected a strategy of social media trolling that tricks angry liberals into inadvertently spreading their message.”

Lol, what!? Is this guy eating Joe Rogan’s mushrooms? Because nothing that he says is even close to reality.

Instead of admitting that Americans reject the left’s socialist agenda, Obama flunky Pfeiffer is claiming that conservative media outlets have “billionaire supporters” that have out-gunned massive networks like CNN, MSNBC, ABC, CBS, and so on.

He also claimed that because Democrats are more diverse “ideologically, demographically, and geographically,” they have a harder time reaching people.

I don’t even know where to start. The liberal media is the mainstream media—which means it’s bigger and has more money than conservative outlets.

Where are the “billionaire supporters” of conservative news outlets? Because I’d like to meet them.

Pfeiffer whines like a baby saying Republicans spread “disinformation” that overcomes the opinion of “the majority of Americans.”

Nonsense. If the majority of Americans disagreed with conservatives, we’d have no support.

This goon even claims conservatives have used social media it our advantage, ignoring the fact that every last major social network is run by liberals.

And that line about Democrats being more diverse “ideologically” is a blatant lie. Today, Democrats reject anyone that doesn’t embrace the far left.

There are no more pro-life Democrats. Even longtime liberals like Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer have been bullied into supporting radical causes they never would have touched ten years ago.

Diverse? Give me a break.

The reality? Pfeiffer is spreading a false narrative to make big Democrat donors happy. He refuses to tell them the truth, that Americans are rejecting the liberal media over its dishonesty.

And we do not want socialism to destroy our country. Those are the real reason Democrats are failing.

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