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Washington Mayor Orders Flags Fly With 51st Star – She Claims It’s A “Reminder” To Congress That D.C. Should Be A State

However, many worry about the current state of the country, as the Biden administration battles record-high inflation and other issues.

Even the flag isn’t immune to controversy these days: for example, one Mayor has made a controversial order, and it’s making waves across Washington.

If You’re In The D.C. Area – Specifically Around Pennsylvania Avenue – Don’t Be Surprised If You See Slightly Different American Flags.

Last year, we heard rumblings that another state should be added to the union. Washington D.C. has been angling to declare its statehood for a while, and they want to send a “reminder” to Congress.

They still want to be declared a state, and D.C. Mayor Muriel Bowser said all flags on Pennsylvania Ave. should reflect that desire.

Though many say the U.S. shouldn’t adopt Washington D.C. as a state, Bowser believes otherwise. With 700,000 residents, D.C. has more residents than Wyoming or Vermont, but it remains star-less.

From Fox News:

Washington, D.C., Mayor Muriel Bowser on Monday ordered 51-star American flags to be displayed along Pennsylvania Avenue ahead of Flag Day, June 14.

The mayor said she directed her team to hang the 51-star flags ‘as a reminder to Congress and the nation that the 700,000 tax-paying American citizens living in Washington, D.C., demand to be recognized.’

In a statement, Mayor Bowser said that the “very foundation” of American ideals is representation, and “D.C’s disenfranchisement is a stain on American democracy.”

The last star to be added to the flag was Hawaii, which officially became a state in 1959. The following year, the 50th star was added to the flag and it has remained the same ever since.

Bowser calls this a “220-year-old wrong that demands to be righted,” but likely faces definite opposition.

Right now, because D.C. isn’t a state, those 700,000 residents don’t have any representation in the House or Senate. At the same time, Bowser argues that these citizens pay more in federal taxes than 21 other states.

Back in April, House Democrats passed the “DC Admission Act,” which would compel Congress to accept Washington D.C. as a state. So they’ve already started the wheels turning.

But Republicans have pushed back, saying that any change to D.C.’s district must come by way of a constitutional amendment. In other words, they argue that Congress can’t make this happen on its own.

On top of that, the GOP has slammed the idea, saying it’s just a power grab so Democrats can expand their majority in the Senate.

D.C. has routinely been a blue stronghold, as it frequently upholds the liberal agenda and votes for far-left candidates. If the area became a state, that would invariably give leftist politicians a boost in Washington.

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