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Biden And Trump Have A Big Problem In Common – A Majority Of Americans Say They Don’t Want Either Of Them To Run Again

Joe Biden’s polling continues to sink amid inflation and recession fears, and lingering issues like the border crisis and the Ukraine/Russia war.

Even some Democrats are cooling on POTUS and his chances of being reelected, as some are already pushing for other candidates. On the flip side, former President Donald Trump is a strong GOP influence.

However, It Seems Americans Have Made One Thing Clear — And It Isn’t What Either Man Might Expect.

A new Yahoo/YouGuv poll showed that a stunning majority of U.S. voters don’t want to see Biden run again: 64 percent of participants said he shouldn’t go for re-election in 2024; only 21% said he should.

The bad news for Biden is that there doesn’t appear to be one group that supports a re-election campaign.

66% of women, 62% of men, 65% of those over the age of 45, 60% between the ages of 30-44, 65% between the ages of 18-29, 66% of whites, and 65% of Hispanics believe the President should bow out.

Perhaps the most crushing stat for Biden’s team is that 76 percent of independent voters don’t want him to run again. Many polls have indicated that Independent voters are shifting hard to the right.

These results might not surprise a lot of people. But the stats for Trump might be eye-opening.

Via The Daily Wire:

The Yahoo/YouGov poll found that 55% of respondents felt Trump should not run for reelection in 2024;  31% thought he should run again while 14% could not decide which side to take.

57% of independents thought Trump should not run, with a substantial 29% of Republicans concurring with independents on the questions.

It was a similar situation for Trump when we look at the individual groups.

While over 60% of almost all groups polled said Biden shouldn’t run, those numbers were still in the 50s for Trump: 58% of women, 52% of men, 50% of whites, 58% of Hispanics, and 75% of African-Americans.

As for a possible 2024 rematch, Trump holds a 42% – 39% lead. It’s slim, but it’s significant because the popular vote margin in the 2020 election was 51-47% in favor of Biden.

No Matter How You Break Down The Statistics, Though, It Seems Clear That America Wants Some Fresh Blood In Washington.

Many have said our elected leaders are simply too old and the country could use some new faces. After all, Biden will be 82 before the 2024 election kicks off and Trump will be 78.

There’s also a lot of animosity swirling around both men these days, so voters are saying it might be better if we had all new candidates in the coming years. It might also serve to cool off a contentious media.

Currently, Biden has confirmed he plans to run for re-election in 2024, while Trump has hinted at a run several times but hasn’t formally announced anything.

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