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Biden’s Hair-Raising Relief Spending Spills Out – Joe’s EPA Spent Millions On ‘Accepting Trees’ And ‘Pruning Workshops’


Biden got Congress to give him billions to “battle” the pandemic. Even now, he is demanding more tax dollars to address this and the “second pandemic.”

But how has Biden actually used the money he already has? We know he spent relief money on busses and plane flights for migrants.

And now, his EPA burned through cash meant for saving lives, on anything but.

From Fox News:

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) spent $4.3 million in funds from President Joe Biden’s $1.9 trillion C19 relief package on environmental justice and climate change programs promoting activities like tree planting, “pruning workshops,” and achieving “greater acceptance of trees” in cities.

This’ll probably boil your blood.

The EPA was given millions from Biden through his $1.9 trillion C19 relief bill. That money, we were told, was supposed to help battle the disease.

You probably assumed the money would be spent on ensuring workers are safe. Perhaps provide PPE, sanitizer, and other materials, right?

Wrong. The EPA used millions to push “environmental justice,” climate change programs, and tree pruning workshops.

They used millions to achieve “greater acceptance of trees” in cities. What does that even mean?

Are people hostile to trees and need to learn how to “accept” them? That can’t be right.

The fact of the matter is this government agency (that works for Biden) did not use this money for what it was intended.

These environmentalists wasted it on programs that had nothing to do with the virus.

And to think, Biden wants more billions to do the same thing all over again!

So… shouldn’t they be held accountable? Is anyone in Congress going to demand answers from this organization?

With the leadership we have now, it doesn’t seem likely.

But you can believe this will be on the top of the list for the House and Senate if Republicans retake the majority in the midterms.

Republicans promised to hold the Biden administration accountable for actions like this. If they win big this year, they will launch investigations into everything Biden’s people have done.

The EPA better enjoy that money now. Because in a few months, they could be in big trouble.

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