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After Kamala’s Cringe Basketball Vid Slips Out – GOP’s Cammack Throws Down Border Challenge

While Joe Biden has taken plenty of criticism for numerous public gaffes, his Vice President has also gotten some flak. And according to several polls, Kamala Harris’ approval rating is even lower.

Perhaps above all else, Republicans accuse the VP of doing nothing to tackle the border crisis, despite being put in charge of the spiraling situation.

But Now, One GOP Member Has Dared The Vice President To Accept A Challenge — And If She Loses, She’ll Have To Take A Trip South.

It began when Harris’ office posted a video of the VP making a basketball shot. It was just a 5-second clip of Kamala sinking a basket during an event that celebrated the 50th anniversary of Title IX at the American University sports center.

However, it wasn’t long before the truth came rolling out.

The video didn’t include the fact that Harris missed her first 5 attempts. In the full clip, viewers see the Vice President attempting and failing five times before finally making it on her sixth try.

And in a follow-up tweet, the RNC added, “1 For 6. Can’t Kamala Harris Do Anything Well?

Then Republican Kat Cammack (R-FL) said during a Fox News interview that she’d like to challenge the Vice President. She didn’t seem too worried about Harris’ “game,” that’s for sure.

And she thinks they could make it interesting:

You know, when I saw the unedited footage, it looks like she could use a little bit of work on, not just her foot work, but her technique and her form.

But I’m happy to assist. In fact, I challenge her to a one-on-one and we’ll see how that goes. Maybe we can put some policy on the line.

Cammack then highlighted the policy everyone has been concerned about for several years now: the border crisis.

According to reports, over 1 million illegal foreign travelers got into the United States in 2021, and the number of migrants surging unchecked across our border has long since hit historic numbers.

Many Republicans accuse Democrats of doing nothing about it because they want “open borders,” which is a direct danger to the country’s safety and stability.

But VP Harris evidently hasn’t done much to stop the flood, besides occasionally talking to Mexico. And a lot of GOP members say she’s never even visited the actual border.

So that’s why Cammack’s bet is simple:

You know what, if I win, they go secure the border.

Or, you know what, even better, if I win, she has to go to the border.

The Biden administration has seemingly put the border crisis on the back burner, and the President hasn’t addressed the situation much.

Rising inflation and other major issues have taken precedence in recent months, but the crisis remains in full swing according to border authorities and Department of Homeland Security (DHS) officials.

At some point, something will have to be done — and it’ll be interesting to see if Harris accepts Cammack’s challenge.

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