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[VIDEO] Judge Jeanine Offers A New Spin On Why Kamala is Such a DUD

There’s a lot of talk about Kamala Harris, mostly a lot of laughs because she’s such a remarkable mess.

But most of us are missing the main problem with Kamala… it’s not her insecurity or her world salads… As Judge Jeanine says, it’s a helluva lot worse than that.

And speaking of Judge Jeanine and Kamala, that’s what “The Five” discussed recently, and the Judge drilled down to the very heart of Kamala’s problem, and she nailed it…

Judge Jeanine says that Kamala’s biggest problem is that she’s lazy.

Yes, brilliant, and true, Judge, but not enough people catch this.

Think about it… Kamala is so lazy, that she reportedly refuses to even read her briefings, and that’s why she sounds so ill-informed on nearly every topic.

And even though she’s been criticized relentlessly over this, she still won’t get herself informed or educated on issues.

That’s how LAZY that woman truly is…“Look here’s the thing. You’d think the woman as a prosecutor would understand that if our money is going to corrupt governments in Central America, and she’s been tasked with the idea of finding out what the root causes of immigration are, that she would do exactly what you’re talking about Jesse. That is common sense. But this woman is lazy. She is a lazy human being. She doesn’t want to focus her message, she doesn’t want to get out there,” Pirro railed.


Judge Jeanine is right, and what’s really scary is having a so-called “leader” who’s lazy and can’t be bothered… everything just starts falling apart, and people end up playing catch up all the time.

But I think it’s actually even deeper than that… I think Kamala is acutely aware that she’s in way over her head and is probably driven more by “fear” than actual laziness.

I think she’s terrified. 


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