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33 Republicans Find Democrats Slipped In Eye-Opening Tax – They Are Trying To Make Married Couples Pay Up With Major Tax Increase

Democrats are rushing headlong to get Biden’s bloated spending bill passed. As usual, they want to make this bill law, before most people can even see what’s in it. But Republicans are peeling back the layers and discovering some serious problems.

We know that this bill amounted to a socialist takeover of our economy. Biden wants to put millions of Americans on welfare. And, while he promised this bill was “zero cost” to taxpayers, the opposite appears to be true.

Now, Republicans are calling out an ugly rule that punishes married couples.

From Fox Business:

Thirty-three Republican senators wrote to Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer, D-N.Y., and Senate Finance Committee Chairman Ron Wyden, D-Ore., calling out the “harmful” tax penalties for married couples in the House Democrats’ $3.5 trillion spending bill…

“For example, a couple in 2019 with two children where one parent earns $12,000 and the other $30,000 could pay $1,578 more in taxes if they are married — or nearly 4% of their yearly earnings,” the letter reads.

“The reconciliation bill could make the same family significantly worse off,” it continues. “It could nearly double the marriage penalty, costing the same parents $2,713 if they choose to marry.”

Republicans blasted Democrats over a provision in Biden’s socialist bill that would hit married couples with a heavier tax burden. The “Earned Income Tax Credit” actually results in families paying more in taxes, than they would if the couple wasn’t.

Under Biden’s bill, that tax penalty could be doubled that it is right now. Meaning, people who want to save money in taxes might be compelled not to get married, despite having children together. Are Democrats trying to discourage people from getting married?

Why would they have this penalty in there, otherwise? Republicans hammered Democrats saying, “marriage is a vital social good.” Yet in their desperation to shake down Americans for every last dime, Democrats seek to destroy this union, to pay for their bloated agenda.

This pushback comes as Democrats already struggled to get this—and the bipartisan bill—passed. If news spreads about this marriage tax, it could lead to more lawmakers opposing it. How do moderate, supposed “family-friendly” Democrats feel about this tax penalty?

Don’t they care about working families with kids? If they support this bill, maybe they don’t?

Source: Fox Business

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