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Hours After Biden Calls To Kill Filibuster – Democrat Senators Manchin And Sinema Team Up And Shut Joe Down

The left has slammed Biden for not responding “strong enough” to the end of Roe v. Wade. So he did, by calling for the death (again) of the filibuster.

From YouTube:

President Joe Biden called for eliminating the filibuster to legalize abortion nationwide until birth, during his press conference in Madrid, Spain on 6/30/2022.

Democrats loved the filibuster until it got in their way. Now, for the umpteenth time, they are wanting to get rid of it so they can do whatever they want.

But already the two sane Democrats left are shutting Joe down.

From Townhall:

According to staff for both Sinema and Manchin, their positions on the filibuster’s importance have not changed since the Supreme Court released the Dobbs opinion or because pro-life trigger laws began to take effect in states nationwide.

Oh boy, Joe. You just can’t catch a break, huh?

In response to complaints that Joe Biden wasn’t “doing enough” in light of the Supreme Court’s decision to end Roe, he urged the Senate to end the filibuster to pass abortion legislation.

He said this, because he assumed Republicans would not want to support pro-abortion bills. It didn’t even occur to Joe (or to other Democrats for that matter) to compromise with Republicans and pass something both parties supported.

Nope, for Joe and most of his Democrats, it’s their way or the highway. If they can’t force a radical, abortion-on-demand bill, then they will destroy the one safeguard of the Senate.

Keep in mind, that this still isn’t Biden “doing” anything. He can’t end the filibuster. Nor can he pass a bill in the Senate.

The reality is, that Joe can’t do anything about a Supreme Court decision. That’s the point. The court is the third branch of our government that exists to check Congress and the White House.

But abortion fanatics think they can just erase the power of the court, just to get their way.

The good news is, Sens. Joe Manchin and Kyrsten Sinema both refuse to go along with any plan that destroys the filibuster. This means Democrats won’t be able to pass an abortion bill.

Democrats are pivoting, saying they will use this to help win votes in November. The logic behind that is, that they will convince voters to vote for their party, to pass an abortion law.

But… Democrats have a majority right now. If they can’t get it done while controlling the House, the Senate, and the White House—what difference will November make?

Manchin and Sinema are not stupid. They know that, come November, Democrats will no longer have a majority. If they get rid of the filibuster today, it means they can’t use it after Republicans retake Congress.

Both these moderate Democrats will still be in power. And they know they need to keep the filibuster now, so they can use it in the years to come.

The rest of their party is so blind with rage and a lust for power, they can’t even see that.

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