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Texas Company Takes A Powerful Stand For Life – “We’ll Pay Our Employees To Give Birth And Adopt,” Says Buffer Insurance

Days after the Supreme Court voted to overturn Roe v. Wade, several mega corporations like Disney and Facebook doubled down on their pro-choice agenda.

These companies started offering pay and other incentives to employees who want to get an abortion, and they’ll even offer compensation for traveling to abortion-friendly states.

However, One Texas Insurance Company Is Taking The Opposite Approach.

While pro-life advocates celebrated the historic SCOTUS decision and condemned those corporations – and certain Hollywood celebrities – for their anti-life agenda, something different is happening down south.

In the Lone Star State, there’s an insurance company called Buffer Insurance. They may not be one of the largest insurance companies in the country, but they’re about to become one of the most popular among pro-lifers.

Instead of incentivizing abortion, the company would rather pay you for supporting life and family.

They want to help new parents, and not by “un-parenting” them; i.e., killing the baby before it’s born. The company would much rather bring new life into the world and help you to do exactly that.

Via The Daily Wire:

Buffer Insurance, a small company headquartered in Southlake, Texas, took a stand for both biological and adoptive parents and mentioned the Supreme Court decision when they announced the new initiative on Facebook:

How Buffer responds to Roe v. Wade: Buffer will pay the medical costs for our employees who birth babies [and] provide paid time off for employees to have maternity & paternity leave. 

Buffer will pay for the medical costs associated with adopting a baby.

This simple post, designed for their employees, has erupted on social media.

It seems like everyone is reading it and reacting one way or another. As you might expect, those who supported the Supreme Court’s ruling are in favor of Buffer Insurance’s new incentive plan.

Buffer would like to spread the love, too.

The post also says that they have “ready-to-use policies” for employers who wish to provide their employees with the same benefits. Then they add the hashtags #Impact, #WorthProtecting, and #OurChildrenAreWorthProtecting.

It’s not surprising that Buffer Insurance is headquartered in Texas, a state that has taken a strong pro-life stance in recent years.

In September 2021, the state passed the Texas Heartbeat Act, which makes abortions illegal after a fetal heartbeat can be detected. In other words, it basically bans abortions after about 6 weeks.

Other states have passed similar laws, while the blue states are seeking to make it even easier to have abortions now.

At the same time, some of the world’s biggest companies, including Microsoft, Amazon, Apple, and Uber, are all paying employees and their dependents to help them get rid of unwanted pregnancies.

That’s why it’s interesting to see other companies pushing back on the opposite side — and it’s bound to garner plenty of applause from millions of pro-life Americans.

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