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After Fox Host Loses Chicago Brother To Gun Violence – He Lets Loose On Democrat Mayor Lori Lightfoot

The left’s “defund the police” campaign, while a memory for them now, is reaping a horrible harvest. In Chicago, gun violence is taking numerous victims every week.

One of those victims was the 18-year-old brother of Fox News host Gianno Caldwell, who hosts along with Lawrence Jones. And the man unleashed withering commentary on the failed Democrat mayor of the city.

From The Western Journal:

“What’s going on in Chicago right now is unacceptable and everybody knows it. Families deserve answers and they deserve action,” he said…

“Unfortunately, the city’s mayor, Lori Lightfoot, is preparing to flee the scene of the crime. Lightfoot is spending her city’s taxpayer funds to travel to London and Paris to promote the economic prosperity of her state. But the mayor doesn’t understand there is no pursuit of happiness without life.”

Fox News host Gianno Caldwell lost his brother, Christian, last month in more Chicago shooting. Gun violence continues to climb in the city, taking more victims.

But the city’s leaders, especially the mayor, do nothing.

Caldwelll blasted Lightfoot for leaving the city to go to London. What for? To brag about the “economic prosperity” of Illinois.

Whatever “prosperity” is being enjoyed has nothing to do with Lightfoot. Under her leadership, the city of Chicago has seen endless crime.

Democrats criticize Republicans, using mass shootings to push gun control. But they are totally silent about the unchecked gun crime happening right in their backyard.

Lightfoot was one of many Democrats who criticized and attacked police when the “defund” movement was hot.

Now, she is backtracking, pretending she never supported the left’s agenda to wipe out police budgets.

The rampant crime in her city is largely her fault, according to Caldwell. He is one of many Americans who had to bury a family member. And one way too early.

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