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Elizabeth Warren Goes On Nationwide Crusade – She’s Trying To Put In Place A Ban Across Nation On Pregnancy Centers

Democrats continue to panic over the end of Roe v. Wade. It seems to sicken them that women will be having babies and raising happy, healthy children.

Perhaps the most deranged leftist in this age has been Elizabeth Warren.

She previously attacked groups that are providing free medical services to women. Now, she is spreading propaganda against them—demanding a nationwide ban.

From YouTube:

Democrat Senator Elizabeth Warren said, “we need to shut down” crisis pregnancy centers “all around the country,” during her remarks to the press on 7/12/2022.

If you ever wanted to see someone unhinged from reality, there’s your clip.

Elizabeth Warren, continuing to suffer from Post-Roe Derangement Syndrome, is claiming that crisis pregnancy centers “fool” women.

She gave us a bit of good news, that in Massachusetts these centers (which save lives) outnumber abortion clinics 3-1.

But she is calling for these centers—which help women in need and save lives—to be shut down. Not just in MA, but across the nation.

What a minute… I thought abortion advocates believed in a woman’s right to choose? Doesn’t that mean women have the right to choose to keep their baby?

Crisis pregnancy centers are there to help women who want to keep the child but are lacking resources or support on their own.

They are often charities (or ministries) that offer free support and run on donations. They do not “fool” anyone about their purpose.

But, based on what we just saw Warren say, she doesn’t want these kinds of clinics operating.

She’d rather deprive women of the choice to carry out the pregnancy, encouraging millions to have abortions.

It seems Democrats are moving from “pro-choice” to “forced abortions” for any woman who doesn’t have the money to go to a doctor on their own.

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