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2nd Amendment Saves The Day Again – “Good Samaritan” Who Ended Shooting Was Covered Under Constitutional Carry


The recent attempt at an Indiana mall proved that a good guy with a gun is all that is needed to stop a shooting.

A young man stopped a would-be mass shooter, by killing him with his own 9-mm Glock.

And we know he was able to do it, thanks to Constitutional Carry.

From Breitbart:

The 22-year-old man who shot and killed the would-be mass shooter at the Indiana Greenwood Park Mall was armed because of “constitutional carry.”

Dicken had fired ten rounds at the attacker, hitting him an unreported number of times, causing the attacker’s death.

WTHR reports, “[Dicken] was carrying under the new ‘Constitutional Carry’ law and did not have a permit.”

Police and American citizens are praising Elisjsha Dicken for shooting and killing a would-be mass shooting at an Indiana mall.

The gunman opened fire at 5:56 pm. Elisjsha, who was at the mall with his girlfriend, quickly responded.

At 5:57 pm he shot at the attacker with his 9-mm Glock. The attacker tried to flee into a bathroom but never made it.

Dicken killed the would-be killer. He was able to do so because Indiana recently enacted a constitutional carry law.

In the state of Indiana, law-abiding citizens are allowed to conceal carry without a permit. Thank God Dicken was on that day.

And thank goodness he was such a great shoot. The young man must have spent enough time at the range to be able to hit a dangerous target when the stakes were high.

Because of his actions, the lives of many civilians were spared. Police described his actions as “very proficient” and “very tactically sound.”

Twenty-five states have constitutional carry. These laws provide a deterrent to would-be criminals.

When suspects know that there could be someone out there, ready to shoot back, they are unlikely to try anything.

Now, people know that in the state of Indiana, if you’re crazy enough to open fire, a good guy is ready to take you down.

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