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After President Biden’s Doctor Is A No-Show Reporters Accuse White House Of The “Least Transparency In 50 Years”


When the news broke that Joe Biden had tested positive for C19, just about everyone had questions.

What were his symptoms? Where does he think he caught it? What are doctors doing for treatment? However, the White House has deflected must such questions, only saying so far that the symptoms are “mild.”

That Isn’t Enough For One White House Correspondent, Though — And He Was Vocal About His Frustration.

Typically, when a President suffers from some sort of physical ailment – an illness or an accident – the head physician makes a public statement. America has come to expect this over the years.

The POTUS doctor is usually quick to offer a few comments about the situation, even if it’s something relatively minor like spraining an ankle or coming down with a bad cold.

But Biden’s Physician, Dr. Kevin O’Connor, Is Currently Nowhere To Be Seen.

This is what’s bothering many members of the press, including White House correspondent George Condon. He wanted to know why the chief physician hasn’t made any comment at all since Biden’s diagnosis.

Via The Daily Caller:

Condon said it was a necessity that Dr. Kevin O’Connor brief the press, rather than simply release a public statement about President Joe Biden’s health after he tested positive for C19 earlier Thursday.

‘When will Dr. O’Connor come up? Because to just put out a statement and shield him from questions would be the least transparency of any White House in 50 years on a presidential illness,’ Condon said.

In response, White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre said she “wholeheartedly disagrees with this statement.”

Though some critics are saying there’s nothing to “disagree” with: it’s commonly accepted that the President’s physician is supposed to make public statements concerning the Commander-in-Chief’s condition.

Jean-Pierre argues that they’re following CDC guidance to ensure there’s “minimal contact with the president.” We’re not certain how this applies to his doctor, though.

Transparency has been a key issue for both American citizens and journalists since Biden took office. Condon isn’t the first White House correspondent to accuse this government of a disturbing lack of transparency.

Reporters Have Called Out The President’s Unwillingness To Field Questions, And His General Lack Of Public Appearances.

To many, it would appear that the country’s leader really only shows up long enough to make a few comments and then he’s shielded by his staff. Some journalists say questions and follow-ups are often stifled.

Now, with Biden’s C19 diagnosis, it would only make sense to have his doctor make a statement — and Condon and others simply want to know why it hasn’t happened.

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