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Hillary Makes Her Move After Biden Comes Down Sick – Her Tweet Indicates Another Run And Former Clinton Adviser Agrees

Not that long ago, Hillary Clinton emerged from relative obscurity to return to the spotlight. She made numerous appearances at events, on TV, and online.

Some suggested she was testing the waters for a political comeback. More recently, she posted this cryptic tweet just after Biden announced he had C19.

From Twitter:

Could this be some kind of hint that she will return to the campaign trail in 2024? If it was, she’s doing it with the subtlety of a bullhorn.

And one former Clinton adviser continues to say she is making her moves to take the White House.

From Townhall:

Former Bill Clinton advisor Dick Morris says Hillary will run again in 2024…

Morris claimed that his “insiders know better than most that Biden’s quickly declining mental abilities, coupled with an economy spiraling out of control, means disaster for the Democrats in ’24.”

Dick Morris has made the rounds in the media recently, proclaiming that 2024 will be a rematch between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton.

There were signs, earlier in the year, that Clinton was “testing the waters” for a political return. News coming out of the Durham probe (which tarnished her reputation some more), sent her retreating.

But soon after the White House revealed Joe had come down with C19, Clinton tweeted an old picture of her in front of a “Clinton/Gore” campaign plane.

She included the words “On the move, 1992.”

Was she just nostalgic for the glory days of the Clinton dynasty—or was this a hint that she would be trying for the White House for a third time?

Many people doubt Biden will be fit to run in 2024—even though right now he maintains he will. Most polls reveal even Democrats don’t want him coming back.

It is a longshot that people within the party will challenge Joe in the 2024 primaries if he’s set on running again.

But, if his handlers can convince him not to run again, it’s wide open. Does Hillary Clinton have enough clout to convince Joe and his people to step down?

I think you know the answer to that.

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