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Hours After GOP Zeldin Assassination Attempt Thwarted – Blue State New York Quickly Releases The Attacker On Bail

We’ve frequently warned that blue cities and states are becoming increasingly dangerous. Thanks to the left, more Americans are at risk.

Even a Republican candidate for New York governor wasn’t safe when a man stormed the stage and tried to assault him.

From The Western Journal:

Rep. Lee Zeldin of New York was attacked by a man with a weapon during a campaign appearance in the Rochester suburb of Fairport.

Videos showed the man walking on stage and appearing to place something close to Zeldin’s neck.

“You’re done. You’re done,” he said to the congressman.

Zeldin quickly grabbed the man’s wrist, and he and others wrestled the attacker to the ground.

Footage shows the man armed with some kind of sharp, pointed weapon. Something that could have easily killed Zeldin, if he hadn’t grabbed the man’s wrist.

Others rushed to the stage to help Zeldin subdue the man. But there’s more to the story than meets the eye.

Apparently, Zeldin’s rival, the current governor and Democrat Kathy Hochul had called on supporters to go to Zeldin’s event and confront him.

From Breitbart:

Hochul’s campaign sent out a press release just hours before the failed attack on Zeldin that blasted out the time and location of several of Zeldin campaign’s upcoming stops…

Hochul claimed that Zeldin and his team would spread “dangerous lies, misinformation, and his far-right agenda at these campaign events.”

In an email, Hochul slandered Zeldin with accusations and encouraged people to confront him at his upcoming events.

And, in another shocking move that highlights New York Democrats’ failures, the attacker was released almost immediately.

From Fox News:

A man who allegedly attacked Rep. Lee Zeldin, R-N.Y., with a sharp object at a campaign stop in Perinton, New York, Thursday evening was charged with a felony and released from custody within hours of his arrest, the Monroe County Sheriff’s Department said.

So, let’s get this straight. A man was videoed clearly trying to attack a sitting representative and GOP candidate with a lethal weapon.

It took a crowd of people to take the man down. The man literally said, “You’re done” before trying to stab Zeldin.

But not only was he charged with “attempted assault in the second degree” (not attempted murder), he was released from jail in just hours.

Zeldin himself predicted this would happen because Hochul and her radical “progressive” allies have destroyed criminal justice with their policies.

The anti-police, pro-criminal Democrats who run New York have changed the laws so that criminals are released without bail.


Police have experienced slashed budgets and an overall lack of support from the state.

On top of that, Hochul is partly responsible for the attack, because she called on her leftist supporters to “RSVP” to the event.

In her email, she accused the Republican of a variety of crimes, including being “dangerous,” spreading “misinformation,” and pushing a “far-right agenda.”

None of those accusations can be backed with evidence.

But it’s irresponsible statements like this from Democrats that have inspired unwell people to commit acts of violence against Republicans.

Just a few years ago, a man opened fire on a group of Republicans at a baseball practice. He nearly killed Rep. Steve Scalise.

Numerous conservatives have been assaulted and confronted in the wake of 2016.

Now, a sick man tried to stab a governor candidate—and is let go!?

Hochul and her entire party will have to answer for this.

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