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Days After Jill Biden’s Infamous Taco Speech – The White House Loses Another Major Player, The First Lady’s Press Secretary

Jill Biden seems to have as much luck talking as her husband. She is still doing damage control after comparing Hispanic Americans to “breakfast tacos.”

But she won’t have one ally on her side for much longer. In an all-too-common trend in this White House, she is losing her press secretary.

From Daily Caller:

Michael LaRosa, First Lady Jill Biden’s press secretary, is the latest official to depart the Biden White House…

LaRosa started with the first lady during President Joe Biden’s 2019 campaign and became her press secretary at the start of 2021, according to CNN.

Jill Biden’s press secretary, Michael LaRosa announced he is leaving this administration.

This comes soon after a disastrous speech where Jill Biden, speaking to a crowd in San Antonio, compared Hispanic Americans to breakfast tacos.

It’s not clear as of yet if LaRosa had a hand in that speech. But he was surely on the receiving end of that backlash over it—both from the public and perhaps from Jill herself.

His departure follows a string of top staffers fleeing this administration, almost all of them within the press or communications departments.

Apparently, this administration is so bad at communicating, that they are driving away the people they hired to do it.

Kamala Harris has lost the most staff, but Joe is not far behind. As the midterms get closer, critics say staffers are leaving before they get blamed for the Democrats’ big losses.

Overall, Biden’s “A-team” has seen 29% of its positions turned over. That’s over a quarter of his closest staff jumping ship after less than two years.

Most of these staff are leaving for lower positions with the government or no position at all.

It has not been announced where LaRosa will be going, but it’s apparent he just wanted to get out of the White House.

The top officials who seem to be sticking around don’t have to work very closely with Joe, Jill, or Kamala.

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