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Wealthy Citizens Flee Major Blue City In Droves – 6.3% Population Drop Is Largest In The United States In San Francisco

During the pandemic, the country saw a mass exodus from many major cities. People fled areas with higher population densities in fear of C19, and many are choosing to stay away.

However, we’ve also seen a trend of citizens leaving Democrat-run cities and heading toward red areas. Some reports indicate that it’s due to high crime and high cost of living in the biggest liberal cities.

But One City Appears To Be Hemorrhaging One Important Group Of Residents At An Alarming Rate.

Along with states like New York, California saw thousands of residents escaping during the pandemic. Not only were some frightened of close-quarters situations, but many didn’t agree with the draconian lockdowns.

With much of life returning to normal, though, San Francisco is still seeing a major loss.

According to the San Francisco Chronicle, it’s the wealthy that are fleeing this Democrat stronghold at a rapid clip: in fact, the number of richer residents who left has Tripled In Just One Year.

This is based on tax return information, as those who made an average of $138,000 or more fell by over 39,000 in the city.

Also from the report:

The total income in 2019 of people who had left the city by the time they filed their 2020 returns was about $10.6 billion, which compares to $3.8 billion for those that came to the city.

A net loss of almost $6.9 billion. The net loss in the previous year was also negative, but much less at $2.6 billion, according to the IRS.

All this has translated to a stunning 6.3 percent population drop, the largest in the U.S.

With less people in the city, businesses are feeling the strain. Sales tax revenue was almost halved between 2019 and 2020, and officials don’t expect the city to fully recover to pre-pandemic levels until mid-2025.

However, some wonder if San Francisco will ever get back to where it was, especially with so many upper-class residents fleeing.

The Chronicle said that high housing costs are another problem, and the ongoing struggle with homelessness, crime, and drug use is playing a significant role in this rising “net-out migration.”

Since 2020, San Francisco has lost 367,000 residents, which translates to a net loss of about 1%.

That’s not a huge decline but it seems apparent that the balance is shifting significantly — with more homeless and lower-end individuals and fewer well-off citizens, the city’s quality of life could fall rapidly.

Many former residents say it already has plummeted, which is why they had to leave.

While on the flip side, Democrats maintain that California is a left-wing bastion that acts as a roadmap for the rest of the country, a view Republicans and right-wing voters don’t agree with at all.

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