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Hours After Liz Cheney Gets Blown Out In 2022 Election – President Biden Actually Gives The RINO A Phone Call

If there was any wonder which side Liz Cheney was on, this should settle the matter.

The “Republican” congresswoman betrayed her party again and again. But, this week, Wyoming voters gave her the pink slip.

But, after she lost pathetically to a Trump-backed candidate, guess who gave her a call?

From Fox News:

President Biden called Rep. Liz Cheney, R-Wyo., after her overwhelming defeat in Tuesday’s Republican primary…

Trump-backed challenger Harriet Hageman defeated Cheney by 37 points on Tuesday in a long-expected but still jarring loss. Biden called her on Wednesday, but the details of their conversation are unknown.

So… it’s official. Liz Cheney is a Democrat. Or at least she’s completely acting like one.

Why would Joe Biden, an increasingly progressive Democrat (with poor approval) call a Republican?

Unless, of course, he was going to offer this fake Republican a job?

Many people, including Trump, speculated on Cheney’s fate after her primary loss. It was possible she’d get a nice job at a lobbying firm in D.C.

But it seems like all her pandering to the radical left paid off. Joe Biden himself contacted her.

Will she be taking a job at his sinking ship—I mean, administration?

Or will she become yet-another political crony at the DNC—the real power controlling the White House?

Either case, we were all but certain she’d stick around the swamp. She was helping them far too much for them to let her go.

Cheney turned on the GOP, again and again, to prop up the left’s narrative and help their cause against Americans.

Instead of working to prevent Biden’s disastrous agenda—which created inflation and other economic problems—Cheney made her mark helping Pelosi run her “commission.”

Not once did she appear to back her party as they fought to stop socialism from eroding our country.

But I doubt this will be the last we hear from her. At least she won’t be dragging down Congress.

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