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Florida Just Blew Away the Competition – New Report Claims Sunshine State Would Get 18% of Movers

In recent years, we’ve seen a “great resorting” taking place. Many Americans are fleeing blue states for those with fewer restrictions or lower costs of living.

But where would Americans go, if they had the choice to live anywhere? Perhaps you’d think a big, glittering city. Or maybe someplace with ample job opportunity.

According to a new poll, most would live in the Sunshine State.

From Rasmussen Reports:

More Americans would rather live in rural areas or small towns than in cities, and Florida leads the list of states where they’d move if they had the chance…

The latest Rasmussen Reports national telephone and online survey finds that 18% of American Adults would rather live in Florida if they could move to any other state they wanted.

Of the places listed in the poll, Florida received the most votes. Overall, most Americans do not want to live in big, blue cities—but places far removed from the chaos of metropolitan.

Florida beat out California, New York, Pennsylvania, and Illinois. This shouldn’t be too surprising.

The state is known for its sunny weather and beautiful beaches. In recent years, Gov. Ron DeSantis has been going gangbusters protecting the state from the radical left.

This all comes as the governor of California, Gavin Newsom, has attacked Florida. He claimed (wildly) that Florida was robbing Americans of their freedoms.

Newsom actually said his state was doing a better job of protecting our liberties. Right.

This is the same state who locked down people for years, pushed Biden’s mandates, ignores rising crime, and welcomed millions of border jumpers, right?

We shouldn’t be surprised that Florida is the most-desirable state. In reality, it has been the most popular state during this “resorting.”

Many Americans (perhaps mostly conservatives) are fleeing places like California, New York, and Illinois (re: Chicago) to go to Florida.

Thanks to remote work (which exploded during 2020), Americans no longer have to be chained to cities like NYC or San Francisco.

They can actually live in nice places, while still earning a living.

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