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Hours After Biden Tries To Stop 13 States’ Oil And Gas Leases – A Federal Judge Stand Up And Blocks Him

Despite what the media says, we are facing crippling inflation and high gas prices, because of Joe Biden. Back in 2021, he “paused” leases for drilling oil on federal land—until a review of the program was conducted.

Of course, that “review” has never been finished. And America’s energy independence was destroyed. All so Biden could push “green” energy, to pay back his progressive allies.

But it seems a federal judge is finally putting a stop to this.

From Just the News:

A Louisiana federal judge blocked the Biden administration’s authority to pause oil and gas leases in 13 states, one day after an appeals court tossed the judge’s injunction…

The 13 states are Alabama, Alaska, Arkansas, Georgia, Louisiana, Mississippi, Missouri, Montana, Nebraska, Oklahoma, Texas, Utah and West Virginia…

Judge Doughty said that through the Mineral Leasing Act and the Outer Continental Shelf Lands Act the government is required to sell leases and only Congress is able to stop oil and gas leasing, Reuters reported.

A federal judge in Louisiana blocked Biden’s ban on leases in 13 states, saying he violated the law.

According to the Mineral Leasing Act, only Congress can stop oil and gas leasing. That would require the passing of a bill to do so.

And since Congress hasn’t passed a bill to stop oil and gas leasing, Biden does not have the power to stop them himself.

Biden’s executive order affected every state. But this judge’s jurisdiction only affects 13 states.

But some of those states rely on fossil fuels as a main industry. With this new ruling, it is possible that new leases will be issued and the oil will start flowing again.

Will that lower gas prices, as needed? Perhaps. But Joe Biden’s obsession with progressive, environmentalism is far from defeated.

His administration will no doubt appeal this ruling. It’s shocking this major issue—which has been fanning inflation—hasn’t been brought to the Supreme Court yet.

They need to set limits on how far the government can go in interfering with private business in the name of “saving” the planet.

I think most can agree, that Biden’s gone way too far. But he’s not even finished.

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