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PA Dem Fetterman’s Closet Swings Open – After Opposing School Vouchers, It Turns Out His Kids Are Enrolled At Expensive Prep School


The race for PA senator continues to rage. We know that the Democrat candidate, John Fetterman, just suffered a stroke and wants to legalize heroin.

But that’s just for starters. He openly opposes charters that would help poor students go to better schools.

Meanwhile, his own kids are enrolled in an elitist prep school.

From The Washington Free Beacon:

Pennsylvania Senate hopeful John Fetterman (D.) opposes vouchers that let children in failing public school districts attend private and charter schools. But the progressive champion, who lives in one of Pennsylvania’s worst performing school districts, sends his kids to an elite prep school.

Fetterman opposes the school choice agenda that helps put kids in good schools. But at the same time, he sends his kids to Winchester Thurston School in Pittsburgh.

Tuition for that school is $34,250 a year. Fetterman sends them to this elite school because they live in the worst-performing district for public schools.

So… Fetterman has no problem getting his kids into a good school. But wants to deny the same privilege to everyone else?

Gee, thanks, John!

This is just par for the course for the left. They often enjoy the very things they deny to the rest of us.

Be it gun control, school choice, or even going to a restaurant, Democrats have stood in the way of millions of families, just trying to succeed.

Fetterman wants his children to enjoy a quality education. But, because he’s a leftist, fears the corrupt teachers’ unions who oppose school choice.

But it is well-known that Americans, especially minorities, love school choice. It forces teachers and schools to actually provide a good education if they want funding.

Democrats are going out of their way to kill school choice. They are far too concerned with the welfare of corrupt teachers who do little to help kids.

(Or worse, force radical ideology down kids’ throats.)

They will never allow parents to decide their own children’s education

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