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Obama Blows Up ‘Biden Bromance’ According To New Book

Biden’s 2020 campaign was helped, in no small part by Barack Obama. The former president endorsed Joe–who had been his VP for two terms.

The media gushed over these men, saying they enjoyed a “bromance.” Ugh.

But a new book is revealing just how little Obama liked hearing old Joe talk.

From The Conservative Brief:

Former President Barack Obama’s annoyance with Joe Biden went so far that he actually said he would prefer someone shoot him than have to continue listening to him talk…

It came during the confirmation hearings for former President George W. Bush’s secretary of state nominee Condoleezza Rice.

Biden and Obama were senators then and Obama sent a note to a staffer that read “Shoot. Me. Now.”

LOL, wow. A new book is dishing on the not-so-cozy relationship Biden and Obama have.

While they were both senators, Obama had to sit through Biden yammering on and on. It happened during the confirmation hearing of President Bush’s secretary of state.

Obama apparently sent a note to one of his staffers that read, “Shoot. Me. Now.”

It seems Obama had little patience for old Joe, of whom he said, “that guy can just talk and talk.”

The book goes on to talk about how irritated Obama got with his running mate. By 2012, Obama’s re-election year, he even considered replacing Joe with Hillary Clinton.

Imagine being so annoyed by someone that you’d prefer Hillary Clinton over him.

Is there anyone worse working with than Hillary Clinton? That’s like making a cobra your running mate.

But that’s how little Obama wanted to be around Joe Biden.

It’s hard to believe their “bromance” is anything but for show, given these revelations.

Obama propped up Joe Biden in 2020–using whatever clout he had left to get the man elected.

Was it because he really “loved” Joe? Was it because Obama really wanted to see this old, white man in the White House?

Or did it have something to do with the fact that Biden, at his age, would do whatever Obama and other Democrats told him to do?

But I doubt even Obama expected Biden to fail as badly as he has.

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