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New Host Of ‘The View’ Claims She Will Represent Trump Voters

With clear division in the U.S., many Americans also note the divided media outlets. Right-wing citizens claim one of the most biased and divisive programs on the air right now is The View.

The liberal-hosted talk show has taken a pounding from Republicans and Conservatives, and even some of its fans have claimed the hosts have gotten too extreme.

In response, the show has opted to pull in a new host to represent right-wing voters.

They’ve Brought In Someone Who Claims To Speak For Trump Supporters — And Yet, It Seems Clear She Doesn’t Support The Former President At All.

Former White House communications director Alyssa Farah Griffin has been chosen to be part of ABC’s midday talk show, which up until now has been almost entirely dominated by liberal views.

As Griffin worked for Trump on Capitol Hill, one might assume she’s on board with MAGA Republicans and Trump fans.

But her quotes show she really isn’t. And in fact, she really hopes Trump is never President again, and regrets having worked for him in Washington.

Via The Daily Wire:

Former White House communications director Alyssa Farah Griffin may have once worked for former President Donald Trump, but she has since argued that he should never get near the presidency again.

Still, she says that in her new role one ABC’s midday talk show ‘The View,’ she is prepared to ‘represent’ the views of Trump’s voters.

Griffin is teaming up with another Republican, Ana Navarro, in an effort to bring more diversity to the show in question.

But she recently said that she’s often “criticized the former President” and wants to tell America “why I won’t support him again.” She also believes in a New Republican Party and “what it should look like.”

This is likely to run counter to the thoughts of many Conservative voters in the nation, and sounds suspiciously like someone who might be identified as a “RINO.”

Griffin resigned from the Trump administration on January 6, 2021 and at the time, said:

As somebody who regrettably worked for Donald Trump, I do not want to see that man ever be president again.

She also said that she “survived the Trump West Wing,” implying that it was an extremely difficult experience, and it’s yet another potshot at the former POTUS.

The View decided to go with Griffin, who’s supposed to fill the seat vacated by former host Meghan McCain last year. Reportedly, McCain left after clashing with far-left host Joy Behar.

The news comes as we hear whispers of CNN attempting to become more unbiased as well.

The new CEO wants to make some changes and adopt a more holistic, objective approach to covering events, which reportedly has some employees in a panic. And they’ve recently been more critical of Biden.

But when a supposedly right-wing host says she’ll “represent Trump voters” and then we find out she clearly can’t stand the 45th President — that’s probably not the message MAGA fans want to hear.

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