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Obama Knocks Biden Down The Stairs – It Turns Out Democrats Plan To Campaign With Barry, Not Joe

Plenty is riding on the 2022 midterms. Democrats could lose their majority in the House and Senate (not to mention many state and local races).

So–who is the left looking for to save their bacon? Not their “president,” that’s for sure.

From Breitbart:

Former President Barack Obama will hit the midterm campaign trail this fall to help Democrat candidates, while some embattled candidates have avoided campaigning with President Joe Biden.

Obama will campaign with Democrats up and down the ballot, potentially including House, Senate, gubernatorial, and secretary of state candidates, Fox News reported Thursday.

Despite the fact he no longer carries the weight he used to, Obama will be hitting the campaign trail to help Democrats facing massive losses.

The person sitting on the sidelines (at least for some races)? Joe Biden.

Once upon a time, Obama was the Golden Child. He could rally supporters around even the worst liberal candidates.

But he hasn’t had that kind of star power since 2015. Regardless, struggling Democrats would rather get his help, than the guy in the White House.

How pathetic. We’ve seen Donald Trump help hundreds of GOP candidates secure their nominations.

No doubt his endorsement and appearance at rallies will help numerous Republicans win their races.

And he hasn’t been in office for almost two years.

But the guy sitting in the Oval Office (we think) can’t move the needle. Remember last year, when he stumped for the Democrat candidate for Virginia governor?

The man lost in a humiliating and upsetting defeat against a Republican candidate.

It seems most Democrats consider Biden political poison–perhaps more so after his divisive “red light” speech.

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