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Biden’s AG May Have Just Tanked The Trump Case

The DOJ’s investigation into Trump has been mired in confusion and controversy. Attorney General Merrick Garland has failed to satisfy millions of Americans’ questions and outrage.

He pushed back against the federal judge’s approval of a special master. But at the same time, claimed she didn’t have jurisdiction.

Now this “pretty good lawyer” might have sabotaged his own case against Trump.

From The Hill:

On Sept. 8, Garland filed a notice of appeal to the 11th Circuit Court of Appeals from the special master order of Florida District Judge Aileen Cannon…

Simultaneously, he moved the inexperienced Trump-appointed Cannon to modify her order granting Trump’s motion to appoint a special master…

The proper course of action would have been to move to modify first; and then, if dissatisfied with the outcome, take the appeal to the circuit court.

If patriots thought this case was a mess before, this won’t help.

Merrick Garland, Joe Biden’s attorney general, is essentially overseeing a case against a former president (from a rival political party).

That was enough for millions of Americans to believe this investigation was politically motivated (and not legitimate).

Trump requested a special master to sort out the documents the FBI took from his home. The judge overseeing this case agreed.

But Garland got his wires crossed by first appealing to another court, then asking the judge to modify her order.

If Garland believes Judge Cannon does not have jurisdiction over this case, why did he first ask her to modify her decision for a special master?

If Cannon isn’t allowed to rule on this case and the 11th Circuit must instead, Garland made an unforced error in agreeing to her ruling in the first place.

This only serves to make this investigation more odd and disorganized than it already was.

Many Americans already distrust Biden’s DOJ and FBI. They accuse them of abusing their power to go after a political opponent.

Now, Garland (who should be going to great lengths to make this case look legitimate) is making all kinds of mistakes.

We can’t predict if this will end up working in Trump’s favor. But this episode only cast the entire investigation into even murkier waters.

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