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Days After California Bans Electric Vehicles, Pete Buttigieg Calls The Blue State Ban “Interesting,” Wants To Move “Quickly”

California is leading the way in EV adoption–by ensuring most residents will go broke buying an electric vehicle.

The state’s eventual ban on gas car sales caught the attention of Biden lackey Pete Buttigieg. And now, he wants to do it nationally.

From Fox Business:

Secretary of Transportation Pete Buttigieg on Thursday appeared to heap praise on states’ efforts to fight climate change – particularly California’s gas car ban – which go well beyond policies set at the federal level…

“But we’ve got to make sure that this happens quickly enough to help us beat climate change. We’ve got to make sure it happens affordably enough that’s it not just wealthy people, but (also) low-income people who most need those gas savings if they can afford the EV’s in the first place,” Buttigieg said.

In one statement, Buttigieg pushed climate alarmism and socialism. A leftist double-whammy!

The Biden administration staffer seemed to praise California’s tyrannical move to ban gas car sales in just ten years.

And he says the federal government needs to move “quickly” to do the same.

He says we have to do it fast because we’ve got to “beat climate change.”

Oh, really? Is that the reason? Climate alarmists said we were past the point of no return in 2005, 2010, and 2015.

But now we have to move fast, forcing Americans to buy expensive, impractical EVs, to “beat” this thing.

He went on to admit that EVs are too expensive for most Americans. But, don’t worry!

Because the same administration that triggered runaway inflation wants to make them affordable for “low-income” people.

You know, the people who can buy a regular car right now!

I’d love to see this administration come up with a plan to make $75,000+ cars affordable to working moms and waiters.

If you are holding your breath waiting for them to come up with a plan, I have bad news for you.

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