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Trump’s Warning Comes Back To Haunt Germany

Former President Donald Trump was in the Oval Office, he was a strong advocate for energy independence. He fought to cut America’s dependence on foreign oil and as a result, gas prices plummeted.

He also advised other countries to do the same — in other words, stop relying places like the Middle East and Russia for your oil. Unfortunately, this fell on some deaf ears in countries like Germany.

And Now They’re Facing A Very Difficult Winter. In Fact, Citizens Might Not Even Be Able To Properly Heat Their Homes.

Trump warned Germany that relying on Russia endangered the security of their country as well as their allies. And with the Ukraine war, Germany has now lost virtually all access to Russian pipelines.

Germany’s economy and climate minister Robert Habeck has come under fire for mishandling the country’s nuclear power plants, which are scheduled to wind down before the year is over.

And in a new Tagesschau report, Habeck claims “16 years of energy policy failure,” slamming the Christian Democratic Union and promising to clean up the mess “in a few months.”

However, he doesn’t explain how he’ll accomplish this, and the bottom line is that there’s a dangerous lack of natural gas available throughout Europe.

From Breitbart:

Despite having been warned by then-President Donald Trump that relying on Russia for energy was endangering the security of both Germany and her allies, Merkel’s government presided over a green agenda-fueled shift away from domestic fossil fuel production that made the country ever more reliant on gas exports supplied by Moscow.

Habeck has been firm in his belief that liquified natural gas (LNG) could be the answer to all these energy problems, but a lack of required infrastructure has impeded most progress on this front.

And in Germany as in the U.S., the “greenies” have been continually criticized for putting their agenda above the current practical needs of the people. This includes killing the nuclear power industry before these other systems are in place.

Former POTUS Trump said it was a bad idea for Germany to become more reliant on gas exports, especially if those exports were coming from Russia.

He made this point repeatedly during his time in office, and it was a driving force behind his energy independence push for the U.S. He activated our own abilities to produce oil, despite pushback from the left.

Many say if Trump was still in charge, the gas crisis never would’ve hit America after the Ukraine/Russia war began (or at least nowhere near has hard).

But it did hit us hard and it’s hitting many countries in Europe even harder now. This certainly seems to lends more credence to Trump’s original claims.

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