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Twitter Users Launch Theories About Shape in Meghan Markle’s Dress During Queen’s Memorial — Source Dismisses It as ‘Insane’


A theory that has been swirling around that alleges that Meghan Markle wore a microphone during her time around the royal family and the walkabout with her brother-in-law and sister-in-law, Prince William and Princess Kate, has been dismissed as “bizzare” and “damaging.”

The unusual claim was circulating around Twitter, due to a small rectangular mark under the waist of Markle’s black dress. Critics began throwing around the claim that she was wearing a microphone, suggesting that it was due to the couple’s $100 million Netflix deal.

“What is Meghan hiding under her dress?” one person tweeted, while another tweeted, “The waist outline sure looks like a mic pack.”

Others wondered if she was recording the moment for her upcoming Netflix documentary.

“Is Meghan Markle wearing a mic to use the Queen’s death for her Netflix reality show?” one tweeted.

“Meghan was wearing some sort of device that you could see the square outline of during the walkabout. Likely for recording purposes,” another said.

Amid the questioning responses of the bizarre claim, supporters claimed the rectangle was only a series of creases, and a friend of the celebrity dismissed the theory.

A source close to Meghan told Page Six: “This is insane and actually damaging to her. Of course, she was not wearing a mic.”

“It’s literally a crease in her dress,” one Twitter user commented. Another wrote: ‘You people are pathetic’ to those who believed she was wearing a recording device, pager or microphone.

More disputed the “insane” claims, suggesting it may have been a medical device instead.

“I wear a Continuous Glucose Monitor and my sensor is the same rectangle shape,” one said.

Others said it could be a belt fitted underneath the dress, or simply how the dress creased when moved in certain positions.

“It’s just creases in the dress, nothing else,” one wrote, and another added, “Maybe she wears her belt on the inside and that’s the buckle. I often wear my belt on the inside with the buckle off-centre. I’m sure many people do.”

Another theorized that the device in question may have been a “pager” to communicate with her staff.

Markle has received a lukewarm reception to a country mourning the loss of their monarch, Queen Elizabeth II, but some critics clearly took time to try to find something on the duchess.

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