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Two Democrat Senators Just Neutered Biden’s Presidency – Joe’s Crusade Is Ended By Joe Manchin And Kyrsten Sinema


Democrats are hellbent on passing Joe Biden’s toxic socialist takeover of our economy. They are pulling as many strings as they can to get this $3.5 trillion (and more) spending package passed. But they are hitting some major roadblocks.

Not a single Republican will vote for this bill. Meaning, every last Democrat in the 50-50 Senate will have to vote for it. Sounds easy? Not quite. Moderate Democrats, from mostly red states, can’t just sign off on what is a very unpopular bill. Two senators have openly criticized Biden’s agenda.

And despite the left trying to put the screws on them, they won’t budge. From Politico:

Democrats wanted clarity Tuesday from Sens. Joe Manchin and Kyrsten Sinema after back-to-back meetings with President Joe Biden. They didn’t get it…

“This is the third time she said she has told the president, ‘I’m not there,’” the person said, quoting Sinema as telling the president: “‘I’ve been very clear with you from the start.’”…

The back-and-forth between Biden and the two senators is making Democrats anxious about the prolonged timeline for the negotiations. And many are in the dark about what spending figure either of them would support, let alone their policy objections.

Biden’s radical spending plan—which would put a $3.5 trillion+ burden on the country—is on thin ice. Far-left Democrats want to spend until Kingdom Come—with no real way to cover the tab. Their goal is to get millions more Americans hooked on welfare. Meanwhile, drastic regulations would cripple our economy, driving even more jobs overseas.

The only thing stopping this socialist takeover of our country are two senators: Joe Manchin and Kyrsten Sinema. Manchin is a moderate Democrat from West Virginia, who long has opposed Biden’s far-left agenda. After all, WV went for Trump in both 2016 and 2020. If Manchin wants to keep his job, he has to appease diehard conservatives.

Sinema is in a similar boat. Arizona has a strong conservative base. While she might be safer than Manchin, she can’t jump off the far-left deep end. If she supports a socialist bill that further hurts AZ’s economy, they’ll be coming for her.

(These are the same two senators, by the way, who opposed killing the filibuster.)

Both of these Democrats are standing against their entire party, which appears to have been taken hostage by Bernie Sanders and idiot AOC. Nobody else on the left realizes just how destructive Biden’s plans are. All they see are dollar signs, money to funnel into their donor’s pockets (and their own).

Only two moderates from opposite sides of the country stand in the way of America collapsing like Venezuela. Hopefully, their resolve will hold out until 2022.

Key Takeaways:

  • Manchin and Sinema refuse to budge on Biden’s radical spending bill.
  • Biden and Democrats have failed to convince these moderates to support the $3.5 trillion package.
  • Democrats fear their stalling will sink major spending plans by the administration.

Source: Politico

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