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Congress Rocked by Threatening Shutdown – Democrats’ Own Senator Manchin Deal Forces D.C. Face-off

What’s Happening:

Congress is in big trouble. Scratch that, Democrats in Congress are in big trouble.

They are desperate to hold it all together until the midterms. Any wrong move and their chances at holding onto a few seats will be dashed.

But the shutdown deadline is less than a week away. And one of their own is forcing a dramatic face-off

From The Hill:

The heat is dialing up on Congress to quickly strike an agreement on government funding as lawmakers stare down a critical deadline to avert a shutdown at week’s end…

One of the biggest holdups to passage is an ongoing push by Sen. Joe Manchin (D-W.Va.), a key centrist, and Democratic leadership to use the must-pass bill as a vehicle for changes to the country’s permitting process for energy projects.

Democrats are trying to use the threat of a shutdown to force through Manchin’s side deal. Numerous House Democrats will not vote for it.

Republicans have their own version of the bill. Manchin needs Republican support to save his bacon.

From Daily Wire:

Moderate Democratic West Virginia Senator Joe Manchin implored Senate Republicans to pass his permitting reform side deal.

Appearing on “Fox News Sunday,” Manchin begged his Republican colleagues to support the deal he secured with Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer to reform the energy permitting system in the U.S.

Oh, boy! Manchin and his Democrats are in a real pickle this time.

Just weeks before the midterms and they could be responsible for a government shutdown.

Most Americans wouldn’t care if the government closed its doors. But those depending on VA benefits, Medicare, and Social Security could be left in the lurch.

Democrats need to pass a CR before October. But holding everything up is a side deal with Joe Manchin.

Sen. Manchin turned on the country to back Biden’s latest socialist spending spree. All so he could secure a pipeline for West Virginia.

Now, too many Democrats are turning on him–and his deal might not get passed.

He needs Republicans to sign off on this bill–after he stabbed them in the back for Biden’s tax-and-spend bill.

Republicans have their own version of the bill they’d rather pass.

So, we could be looking at a train wreck in a matter of days that shuts down the government.

And it’s all the Democrats fault.

Key Takeaways:

  • Congress is facing another shutdown threat–over Sen. Manchin’s side deal.
  • Manchin needs Republican support, as too many Democrats oppose his deal.
  • Republicans might not support it, since they have their own version of the bill.

Source: The Hill, Daily Wire

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