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Sebastian Gorka Puts Joe Biden On Notice, Accepts Offer To Be Staff Director When GOP Probes Biden After Midterms

Former Trump adviser Sebastian Gorka put President Joe Biden on notice and accepted an offer from Republican Congressman Matt Gaetz to lead the coming investigations into the Biden family business. Gorka wrote:

“Matt Gaetz is a troublemaker. He is a patriot. He is totally America First. And he understands the following: After the midterm elections, there will be an expectation that the Republican Party get serious.

That’s why he wants to investigate and subpoena Hunter Biden. And that’s why he invited me to Capitol Hill this week to strategize on how to get serious.

“What will that entail? It will entail a show of political force. It will entail, as Matt Gaetz has said on my radio show, making every committee of Congress an investigatory committee with subpoena power, to get to the bottom of the corruption of the Cartel that is the Biden Clan.

“We know the laptops are real. We’ve seen the pictures. We’ve read the emails, listened to the voicemails. “Now there have to be consequences.

“Consequences that can satisfy the 74 million Americans who actually voted for President Trump and who want to live in an America where there is rule of law.

“We need to know the truth about all those shady deals with corrupt regimes. We must know whether we have a Commander-in-Chief who is vulnerable to blackmail by our enemies, or who is potentially profiting from colluding with our enemies.

“We need to subpoena his business partners at Rosemont Seneca and confidantes such as Eric Schwerin, who acted as the “de facto financial planner for the wider Biden family” managing their foreign incomes.

“We have to subpoena individuals like John Robinson “Rob” Walker, and ask them questions like: What happened to the $6 million from China that went to the Bidens?

“That is why I said yes to Matt Gaetz.

“That I’d be honored to act as Staff Director for any serious GOP effort, because they need to get serious, and they need to investigate and have a special commission, a special Congressional committee, to investigate both the criminal, the RICO, and the national security aspects of Hunter Biden’s corruption, and the corruption of the Biden crime cartel family. In fact, this is not new territory for me.

“Before moving to the U.S., I served as special investigator for the special committee of the Hungarian Parliament investigating Prime Minister Peter Medgyessy after it was revealed that he had been a Major in the Communist Secret Police.

“I am practiced in investigating corrupt Communist-ties heads-of-state.

“So, I’m ready. Matt Gaetz is ready. Are you?

“If you think we need the truth about the Bidens, demand exactly that from your GOP Representative or Senator.

“Only if they fear your political wrath will we have a chance at justice,” he wrote.

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