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Six Republican States Reach Limit, File Lawsuit Against Joe Biden Over Studen Loan Forgiveness Plan

Six Republican-led states filed a lawsuit against President Biden, Secretary of Education Miguel Cardona, and the Department of Education over Biden’s student loan forgiveness plan.

It may be good politics (if the young people defy history and actually vote) but it is bad business and possibly unlawful. Arkansas Attorney General Leslie Rutledge announced the lawsuit accusing the Biden administration of violating federal law when the Biden Administration attempted to categorically cancel student loan debt in August.

The suit claims Biden violated federal law, the constitutional principle of separation of powers, and the Administrative Procedure Act when he went around Congress to make his plan come true.

Rutledge said:

“President Biden’s unlawful political play puts the self-wrought college-loan debt on the backs of millions of hardworking Americans who are struggling to pay their utility bills and home loans in the midst of Biden’s inflation.

“President Biden does not have the power to arbitrarily erase the college debt of adults who chose to take out those loans.”

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