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Monthly Archives: October 2022

Hillary Clinton Appears To Be An “Election Denier” – She Just Claimed One Side is “Plotting to Steal 2024 Election”

Back in 2016, many Democrat leaders claimed that Donald Trump’s victory was illegitimate. Some said there was collusion with Russia and left-wing investigations continued well into Trump’s presidency. And something similar might be coming. Trump’s opponent in 2016 is now warning that one side will “steal” the 2024 presidential election. …

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FBI BOMBSHELL Revealed Thanks To Whistleblower

Unfortunately our most trusted LAW ENFORCEMENT agencies have been corrupted and politicized by the left which is extremely dangerous on so many levels it’s insane. While most of the rank and file continue to do their jobs- the jobs they have dedicated their lives to doing the top dogs have …

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Kari Lake Offers High Praise For Kayleigh McEnany: “You really did show us how to do it and turn the tables on these hypocrites, thank you for showing us the way”

Kari Lake thanked former Trump White House press secretary and current Fox News star Kayleigh McEnany for “showing us the way” in how to deal with media hypocrites. Kayleigh said she took an ‘offense-only’ tactic when dealing with the media. “I took a page out of your playbook, Kayleigh, I …

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