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Lori Lightfoot Tells Chicago Voters Not To Believe Their Lying Eyes: “It’s not a salary increase it’s a cost of living increase”

Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot told Chicago voters not to believe their lying eyes and proposed an ordinance giving the office of the mayor an annual inflation raise capped at 5% but she won’t call it a pay raise.

Lightfoot currently makes $209,915 a year. The proposal would allow the mayor’s salary to increase up to 5% each year but the mayor can opt out of the raise. Lightfoot though says she is not giving herself a raise.

“It’s not a salary increase. I want to make sure that’s clear,” she said. “It puts us in line with the aldermen, in line with all of the other elected officials regarding a cost-of-living increase.

“It would not go into effect until 2024. And the mayor, the clerk and the treasurer would have the ability to opt in or opt out.”

Two prominent Dems have already opted in. Clerk Anna Valencia and Treasurer Melissa Conyears-Ervin have both said they will accept the inflation raise, from $133,545 to $161,016, in Lightfoot’s 2023 budget.

Chicago Tribune Gregory Pratt said:

“Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot is introducing an ordinance to give the mayor an annual inflation raise capped at 5 percent, with an option to opt out when it’s too politically hot.

“Lightfoot said this salary increase wouldn’t be a salary increase:

“To be clear, the ordinance that was introduced today would put the mayor, the city treasurer and the clerk in line with (aldermen) regarding a cost of living increase. It’s not a salary increase.”

“Mayor Lori Lightfoot is hosting just her second press conference this month.

“Her office is restricting the traditional two questions per reporter, allegedly because there’s too many of us (it’s about what it always is)”

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