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Latino Voters Reach Limit, Switch To GOP: “The fact of the matter is, we don’t feel safe anymore”

The Democrat Party is flailing on the national level and they are an absolute disgrace on the local level choosing to back criminals over law-abiding citizens. So we are starting to see some communities and Dem officials revolt—San Francisco recalled its District Attorney and in Albany New York, the Soros-backed DA came out and denounced bail reform and other failed Dem policies.

With most of the Dem leaders choosing to ignore the situation and their own voters some Americans are taking matters into their own hands. Like switching their vote. Latino voters in border states shocked an MSNBC host saying they were switching to the GOP.

One Texas voter told MSNBC’s Jose Diaz-Balart the party “has changed a lot” and she now sides with the GOP. “We’re for God, country, family and hard work,” Maria Batres said.

Texas voter Jose Arreola said he became a Republican because he is concerned about immigration and “beefing up border security.”

“The fact of the matter is, we don’t feel safe anymore,” he said.

In more bad news for Nancy Pelosi, Balart said the number one issue for Latino voters is the cost of living and on that Biden and Pelosi have failed the entire country.

“Our NBC/Telemundo poll found the top issue for Latinos was cost of living,” Diaz-Balart said.

In the crucial state of Nevada, where the Dems must hold the Senate seat to have any hope of keeping Chuck Schumer in charge, hispanic voters are saying they will stay home because they cannot vote for the Dems over inflation but they are not fans of the GOP.

If these voiters stay home, the GOP will sweep the state. And OPEC just cut production so it looks like it is lights iut foir the Dems in November.

From NBC:

Nevada Democrats have held up their state as a national testing ground for how to win Latino voters in 2024. 

But with only 37 days until the midterm elections, there are warning signs: At the doors, on the phones and on the streets, Latinos are threatening to stay home. And that is despite the presence of the first-ever Latina elected to the U.S. Senate, Catherine Cortez Masto, at the top of the ballot.    

Organizers in both parties say they see the same phenomenon developing, as do major Latino groups and the powerful Culinary Workers Union:

Disgruntled over the economy and unhappy with their post-pandemic job quality, these voters, many of whom Democratic groups identify as once lifelong supporters, could sit this one out.

That’s on top of the usual challenges of turning out voters for midterm elections. 

“It’s what’s keeping me up at night,” said Melissa Morales, president of Somos PAC, which has spent millions of dollars on ads in English and Spanish for Cortez Masto.

“What I’m looking at is: Do Latinos actually turn out to vote this year? If we see high turnout, we win in Nevada.”

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