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Sean Hannity Gives Nancy Pelosi Bad News: “Momentum has clearly shifted towards Republicans 29 days away from midterms”

Sean Hannity delivered some bad news to Speaker Nancy Pelosi and majority leader Chuck Schumer telling the soon to be replaced democrats the tide has turned and the momentum heading into the critical midterms is on the side of the GOP.

With inflation sinking average Americans into poverty, President Joe Biden and Kamala Harris look doomed heading into the midterms. They thought abortion would save them but respected Dem strategist James Carville said they are making a mistake.

James said: “A lot of these consultants think if all we do is run abortion spots that will win for us. I don’t think so. It’s a good issue. But if you just sit there and they’re pummeling you on crime and pummeling you on the cost of living, you’ve got to be more aggressive than just yelling abortion every other word.”

“This ‘Defund the Police’ lunacy, this ‘take Abraham Lincoln’s name off the schools’ – I mean, that – people see that,” he said earlier.

“It just really has a suppressive effect all across the country.

“The Democrats, some of these people need to go to a woke detox center or something.

“They’re expressing the language that people just don’t use and there’s a backlash and a frustration at that.”

Enter Sean Hannity:

“We are 29 days away from this inflection point in our country, a tipping point election if there ever was one, our midterms.

“Republicans now are surging all across the country.

“It seems the momentum has clearly shifted towards Republicans.

“In just a moment, we’re going to hear from Arizona gubernatorial candidate Carrie Lake.

“What do you hear about her opponent and New York gubernatorial candidate Lee Zeldin?

“He is now down by less than two points to Democrat Kathy Hochul in the liberal state of New York.

“We begin tonight, though, in Florida with a powerful ad. Not all ads actually need to be negative featuring the state’s first lady,” he said.

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