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Trump Drops MUST SEE Biden Video… This is BLOWING UP!

Okay here’s a simple question for y’all.

Is Joe Biden fit to serve as the President of the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA.




Well, Donald Trump put together some of Biden’s greatest gaffes in a two-minute video he showed at one of his rallies.

It would take a two-hour video at least to show all of Biden’s gaffes and lies frankly.

More from Anthony Smith at News Hour First:

Must See TV

Trump loves to play up to the crowd, and he did not let them down this time.

Trump dropped a video that is about two minutes and the crowd ate up every second of it…


Now, that video is funny, but it is also scary when you consider that this man has the codes for nuclear weapons.

The time has come for Biden to have a transparent examination for mental health.

When you consider how many gaffes it takes to fill up that video, you stop laughing pretty quickly.

Of course, the other option is not better.

Do we really want Kamala Harris to be given the keys to the White House?

That, of course, does not even mention allowing her to be the first female American president.

I would prefer that honor be given to someone like Kristi Noem, Lauren Boebert or Marjorie Taylor Greene!



God Bless.

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