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After Liberal Court Blocks Heartbeat Bill – It Quickly Gets Overturned by the Supreme Court of Georgia

Since the historic Roe v. Wade decision, states have been battling it out in the abortion sphere. Red states enabled trigger laws that essentially banned unnecessary abortions, for example.

But blue states and liberal-leaning courts raced to protect abortions, and this included fighting infamous “6-week” bills passed in certain areas. They’re claiming abortion is a “constitutional right.”

But one left-wing judge just got shut down — by the Georgia state Supreme Court.

Georgia is one of those states that passed a 6-week abortion ban – also called the “heartbeat law” in Texas – and it was met with widespread criticism by pro-choice supporters.

However, Fulton County Judge Robert C.I. McBurney struck down the law, as he tried to read the right to abortion into the state Constitution. This was similar to the Roe v. Wade situation.

Essentially, he wanted to make abortion a constitutional right for Georgia residents, which enraged pro-life citizens.

But the state Supreme Court acted quickly and the 6-week ban is back in place. From Breitbart:

The Georgia Supreme Court on Wednesday reinstated the Peach State’s heartbeat bill after a left-wing Fulton County judge overturned it.

The measure banned most abortions after six weeks as fetal heartbeat is typically detected then.

The high court didn’t agree with Judge McBurney’s opinion and released a reversal, which was roundly applauded by most right-wingers in the state and around the country.

Prior to the midterm elections, Republicans were worried that the Roe v. Wade fallout would hurt their chances. And some political experts and insiders say this happened, given the lack of a “red wave.”

Even so, the GOP did manage to reclaim control of the House of Representatives, even if they failed to take back the Senate.

The Senate may go back to a 50/50 split if Republican candidate Herschel Walker can unseat Sen. Raphael Warnock in a runoff. If not, Democrats will pick up one seat and hold a 51-49 edge.

But Georgia still remained red in one main circumstance: Gov. Brian Kemp (R) managed to hold his position, and he’s definitely pro-life.

No matter what happens with elections in the future, though, the abortion battle will continue to rage throughout most states. Court clashes are likely to take center-stage in 2023 as well.

Key Takeaways:

  • The Georgia state Supreme Court overturned a liberal judge’s ruling, which stopped the 6-week abortion ban.
  • The judge was trying to read the right to abortion into the state constitution, but the high court disagreed.
  • Georgia’s leadership remains right-leaning, with Republican Gov. Brian Kemp holding onto his office.

Source: Breitbart

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