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Donald Trump Gets Endorsed by National Veterans Group For 2024 Presidential Run

Veterans For America First ( has issued an endorsement for Donald J Trump as the 47th President of the United States.

Trump invited Admiral Charles Kubic VFAF national spokesman, Donna and Stan Fitzgerald VFAF chief political advisor, and Angie Wong VFAF national media rep from the organization to Mar-A-Lago for his presidential campaign announcement.

The organization will be part of the Trump collation’s team for the campaign. The Veterans group formed as Veterans For Trump in 2015 to support Trump’s first run. VFAF said in a statement:

“Veterans For America First (Veterans For Trump) is proud to announce our endorsement of the greatest President in history: Donald J. Trump for our 47th president.

“President Trump has been most supportive of our Veterans , Military and First Responder community.

“At VFAF , under the leadership of Admiral Kubic ,who has been with the America First movement since 2015, our community of millions will help see President Trump win for a third time.

VFAF says on its website:

Over the years, there’s been a bit of confusion over our names: Veterans For America First, Veterans For Trump.

The history is significant. Veterans instinctively knew that Trump was their man. Many such groups formed back in 2016 and all supported the campaign with critical help. Often it was veterans who do not fear the sound of gun fire that provided campaign events with needed security.

One of the things we accomplished in 2016 was coordinating the Veteran Outreach, as you see in the image below where General Flynn and Candidate Trump are addressing the veteran community in Virginia Beach.

Admiral Kubic , our current national spokesman, played a significant role in leadership and is credited by Steve Bannon and Cory Lewandowski as being there from the beginning.

The two leaders who emerged out of all this were Joshua Macias and Vlad Lemets. They’re the co-founders of this entity. Each is a true hero in his own right.

Funny thing is, here in 2022, it appears the names are important again. So, do let me assure you as one who was there, the following is completely true:

Veterans For America First is 100% = to Veterans For Trump.

As has always been the case, veterans have the view of America’s soul, it’s destiny and future, as no others.

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