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Manchin Just Shook Up the 2024 Election – The Red State Senator Could Easily Give the GOP a ‘Free Seat’

What’s Happening:

Poor Joe Manchin. There doesn’t seem to be any room left in American politics for a moderate, especially one like Manchin.

The Democratic Senator from West Virginia tries to ride the line between representing the old-fashioned values and interests of his red state—and trying to appease the radicals in control of his party.

How did that work out over the last 2 years? Manchin had immense power as the 50th swing vote in the Senate, but he got pummeled by the Left and caved almost every time it counted. He even made a deal on Joe’s “Inflation Reduction Act” and then promptly got shafted on his end.

And Manchin could be in a lot of trouble for 2024. His own West Virginia constituents are souring over the moderate who gets nothing done, and it could make a huge difference for 2024. From the Washington Examiner:

However, if Manchin decides not to run, Republicans believe this could be an easy win for the GOP in the next election. Many have voiced concerns that Manchin no longer represents their state despite operating in the middle and crossing the aisle on several occasions.

“If he doesn’t run, it’s a free seat for us,” a national Republican strategist said. “He’s also very difficult to beat. I think the stars have aligned for him to lose. But we can’t f*** it up, either.”

Free seat. Two of the sweetest words a Republican could hear right now. But also two of the most dangerous.

The GOP had a few very winnable Senate seats in 2022, and what did they do? They picked the most conservative candidates with the shortest political records in their primaries.

Then they got skunked and the Democrats somehow picked up a seat in the Senate.

So the GOP needs to take this seat seriously. It is a strong potential pickup if Manchin is ready to throw in the towel. Trying to throw him out may not be worth the effort, but if the last 2 years have left a sour taste in his mouth, the door could be open to an unexpected Senate flip.

Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer is already claiming Democrats will hold onto the Senate in 2024. But the next election presents an even more difficult challenge for Democrats, as many more blue seats are up for grabs.

And Manchin’s could be the one that tips the scales.

Key Takeaways:
Joe Manchin may or may not run for re-election in 2024.
If he leaves his Senate seat vacant in red West Virginia, it will likely go to Republicans.
This will increase the likelihood of a GOP takeover of the Senate.
Source: Washington Examiner

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